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2. How do I make a booking?

Here are the different ways of how to make a booking:

Book Now

To make a booking, go to www.impactshuttles.co.za/book-now

  • Choose if you want a “one way” or “return” trip
  • Start Location
  • End Destination
  • Pickup Date & Time
  • Choose how many passengers 
  • How many suitcases
  • Choose the car you would like
  • Contact Name & Surname
  • Contact Email
  • Mobile Number
  • Notes
  • Give the flight details please, the Airlines and the flight number

Other booking methods

Alternatively, you can either email us or contact us on 082 767 2119.

You are more than welcome to make use of our contact us forms on our website to contact us as well.

Under our Services page there are many sub headings and in each of those pages is also a contact us form.

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