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2. How do I register online?

A very straight forward registration form that you need to fill in. It is very easy and fast to register an online account on Impact Shuttles. Please follow the following steps:

Username: Choose very carefully your Username as you cannot change the Username in the My Account page.

First Name: Fill in your First Name.

Last Name: Fill in your Last Name.

Gender: Choose Male or Female.

Mobile Number: Fill in you mobile number please as we need this number to possibly contact you as a client when you book a trip at us.

Home Adress: Fill in your detailed Home Adress please, as we will also need this for a possibly booking pickup.

Country: Here you can just select your Country residence from the dropdown menu.

Email Adress: Fill in your email adress please for possible future contact purposes.

Password: Choose your own password for your account. We keep all our clients details safe in our database and NEVER give it to a 3rd party.

Confirm Password: Just fill in the same password as above for confirmation.

Register: Click on register button to register your account. You will receive a email to confirm/activate your registration. After that you are ready to login to your account.

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